8 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Bagging And Mulching

The mowers come with a single port charger, so charging the batteries requires swapping them out after the first one is filled. This is an added step and one that we think is easily forgotten. That said, these do look like very nice mowers and if you are already invested in the Ryobi 40-volt system, they would likely be a nice addition. Recently both Ryobi and Ego have released cordless zero turn mowers. These are large ride-on mowers that have the capability of cutting two or more acres.

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The amount of suction or vacuum created by the lawnmower depends entirely on the tilt angle of the outer parts of the blade. If the opposite side of the cutting edge is more tilted, it will generate more vacuum. In order to find the most suitable blade for your lawnmower, you’ll have to consider some of its features. The quality of a lawnmower blade can only be judged by going through its features and attributes. So, you can just install it to your mower right after buying it and you are good to go. It has a circular hole at the center with a diameter of .8 inches.

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Standard blades are the ideal choice when mulching the grass clippings may not be an option. Many professionals prefer to bag the clippings for a cleaner looking lawn. Bagging clippings will also remove leaves and debris from the lawn, leaving behind a well-manicured cut.

And gator blades cut the grass multiple times before it’s thrown out of the deck. If you’re not getting the results you want after cutting the grass, you may be using the wrong lawn mower blade or blades on your walk-behind mower or riding mower. Side discharge lawn mowers will use low lift blades with a ¾ inch or less cutting edge. The low suction power keeps cut grass low so that it may be swept through the side discharge. Low lift blades work well in cutting short or dry grass and on sandy soil preventing unnecessary suction of sand into the deck. Blade sharpening is one of the most important parts of owning lawnmower equipment in both residential and in commercial locations.

Blade Cutting Height

However, it still offers maximum working efficiency for longer durations, and that makes it a perfect choice amongst other lawnmower blades. Furthermore, it comes with one inch smaller and narrow cutting edge to prevent touching to the deck edge. The super-easy installation design and pre-sharpened cutting edge make it more accessible and worthy too.

best lawn mower blades

The 5 point star center hole makes it easy to install the blade which can be used right out of the box without further sharpening. The MaxPower XB is a mulching 2 Blade set that includes 2 mulching blades of 21 inches each. The blades have star shaped mounts that are compatible with models like Poulan, Husqvarna and Craftsman. The high lift blades come in a set of 3, throw the grass clippings better and also work very well with a bagger. The High Lift Replacement Blades from Husqvarna for Husqvarna, Poulan and Craftsman lawn mowers are a set of 3 high-quality heat-hardened blades that are made of carbon steel.

The coated steel is resistant to moisture, although the blade can be susceptible to stone impacts due to the softer metal. A wire brush might be required to clean up the blades after removal to check their condition. Utilize the Oregon website to identify which Oregon blade fits your mower. Gator blades basically work by keeping the clippings “circulating” within the underside of the mower so that they get chopped up into fine particles. Honda has invested a lot of resources into their mulching products and for a few extra dollars its not worth buying a cheaper product.

However, keep in mind that there are a few factors you should mull over before choosing this particular kind of blade. The most crucial factor is the type of land you are mowing on. The Backyard Workshop Team’s focus is to help you enjoy your yard and hobbies to the fullest. Whether you are looking for backyard tools or tips on your workshop, we are here to help you find the best products and well-researched answers. At Backyward Workshop we layer our years of experience on top of user reviews and feedback to help you get the most of your free time. Installation is made simple with the 6-point star center mounting hole.

Considerations When Purchasing Mulching Blades

The higher the pressure your hose can muster, the easier you’ll find it to blast the majority of the debris from your mower blade and blade mower housing. Brush off any stubborn residue with a stiff wire brush, and then prepare to remove the blade from its housing. Tilt it backward rather than sideways to prevent oil spillage, and make sure it’s firmly held in place to prevent the mower from falling during maintenance. This is for your own safety, to reduce the risk of sparking and injury while you clean your lawnmower blade. First, tip your lawnmower over and ensure that it’s stable and secure. Tip it backward rather than sideways in order to reduce the chance of oil spillage and later problems.

They don’t use any fuel and hence, don’t contribute to pollution. Push mowers are simple, practical, and hassle-free best lawn mower blades machines for modern gardeners. But perhaps what truly makes it the best is its easy usage and storage.

Get To Know Your Lawn Mower Blade Types

The best way to protect your mower blades is by not using them too close to a rocky area. Many models have an optional cutting attachment that allows you to cut the lawn without having to go down to the rock. This can be especially important if you are landscaping on a slope. There are also some electric lawn mowers that are less expensive to run. Dethatching is a type of blade sharpener that is attached to a fence post and has two blades that are placed against each other.

best lawn mower blades

Firstly, you have to sharpen these blades before you use them, and once or twice a year to keep them working in ideal condition. Working over wet grass is not something these blades can do very well. As a replacement part, this does Honda lawnmowers great justice. You can cleanly and evenly cut over your yard with these blades installed. The replacement blades can even have better results than the actual primary blades received on purchase. The specific mower it was made to fit is the Honda HRX217 Mowers.

Bagging Blades

Read their opinion online and select which one can be preferred for your mower and purpose. As the customers have already used the product, their reviews will help make your decision easier. The torn grasses will eventually change to a brownish color which you will definitely notice.

best lawn mower blades

Most of the lawn mower blade designs would be following the concept from most common types of lawn mower blades. The Honda VH7000 set of replacement blades offer a unique design as opposed to other jagged edge feature we have encountered with other blades on this list. They offer an increased cutting surface, but make use of an ergonomic design that boosts cutting efficiency by up to 25% over the jagged edge blades. The Honda HRX replacement mulching blades will deliver a thorough cut every time.

Battery Powered

Mowers in side-discharge mode shoot clippings out the side of the deck. Use this in tall grass or when mowing non-lawn areas—the rows formed by the clippings are ugly and can kill stripes of lawn if left in place. We attribute this outstanding mower performance to three features, all upgrades to the previous version of this machine.

The small engine contributes to the machine’s light weight, which makes it nimble and easy to handle. It’s fun to mow with it—not a word you’d normally associate with an outdoor chore. The TB115 bagged and mulched surprisingly well, handled normal-height grass, and—with the side-discharge chute in place—gave a good account for itself in the tall-grass test. We’re not saying it has the oomph of a 190-cc mower, but if you don’t need that, why buy more engine?

If you have a rocky lawn that needs mowing, you might be interested in getting the ideal mower. 33cm metal lawnmower blade Compatible with olm1833h, rlm18x33s40, rlm18x33h40, rlm18x33h50. They won’t do as good of a job cutting your beefier grasses as a blade that produces a ton of lift, but they also don’t kick up as much dust. Also, because they produce less drag, they’re easier on your fuel consumption as well as the wear and tear put on your engine. Ryobi’s mowers are priced a little lower than comparable Ego models, but the price difference is not enough to offset the negatives. The downside of these models is that they are each powered by two 40-volt batteries.

  • But, if you have decided that it’s time for a replacement, then the EGO power blade should be your first choice.
  • Since this blade works pretty well for bagging needs, there is no need to go for the high-lift blade.
  • Many models have an optional cutting attachment that allows you to cut the lawn without having to go down to the rock.
  • The Maxpower XB is an great choice if you’re looking for a set of blades that will mulch grass clippings efficiently.
  • A dull mulching blade will have a hard time at cutting grass clippings, and this could leave clumps of grass in your lawn.
  • The high lift blades come in a set of 3, throw the grass clippings better and also work very well with a bagger.
  • It also gives a better angle than the OEM, which helps create a good mulch.
  • The type of mower that you choose, no matter which one, will greatly depend on the type of lawn you have and how much you will be working on your lawn in a given amount of time.

Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. Additionally, lawncareguides.comparticipates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. The heavy-duty21-inch lawnmower blade of the original brand Poulan provides an excellent mowing experience. It is specially designed as a replacement lawnmower blade and has a minimal design to optimize and improve coverage.

Grass, dirt and debris holds moisture that corrodes bare metal on the spindles and mower blades, weakening them. Additionally, grass-packed cutting decks can harbor fungi and bacteria that can spread to other lawns and damage them. The intention behind a blade with less surface area is that there’s less air resistance and drag on the blades, meaning they’ll cut through air more easily.

If refueling isn’t your cup of tea, new battery-powered mowers, including a few robotic ones, have largely replaced electric models that left you tethered to an extension cord. And for you energetic types, even the old-fashioned push-reel mower has been updated, so it’s easier to operate and the blades don’t need to be sharpened as often. The Oregon Universal 3 in 1 Mulcher blade consists of a full range of enhancements that boost your lawnmower’s overall durability and performance. Its sturdy design and build quality make it ideal for use in normal and abrasive terrains. Another unique feature of this mower blade is that it comes with an adaptor kit that allows you to fit it in your lawnmower with ease.

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